Order and price updates

The order has been placed and I will receive the shirts in Vegas on Tuesday the 27th. Thanks to everyone that emailed in their preorders.

The final price is slightly higher than estimated at $25 (with $5 going to the EFF) due to higher print run costs. All shirts are $25 regardless of size or gender.

Tentatively, I expect to be at BlackHat on Wednesday, Security Bsides on Thursday, and Defcon on Friday and some on Saturday.

I will post times and places via my twitter @_luism and here.

See ya in Vegas!

IDA Pro ‘¡Viva la Revolución!’ shirts are back!

The IDA Pro [1] “¡Viva la Revolución!” t-shirt is back by popular demand! Originally I made a small run of shirts in 2006 which I gave away to friends. For people that attended recon this year, you may have spotted the special edition speaker shirt. The special edition was something Hugo and I had wanted [...]

plugin wizard

In order to make plugin development easier I created a plugin wizard for Visual Studio 2005/2008 compilers including the free Express editions. The wizard sets up all compiler and linker options. It currently supports: plugin modules debugger plugin modules The next release will have support for: processor modules loader modules hex-rays modules The wizard was [...]

new home

Welcome to the new location for my blog. The move was done primarily to support my new book. (yes, my amazon associates account is in the link). Amazon still hasn’t updated the authors list. I will be posting code from the book here along with content that didn’t make it into the book.